Personal memories, yours and mine, in miniature
If you like to carry round pictures of your family to show your friends, why not make a miniature three-dimensional photo album?
Five little vignettes, each less than an inch square, fit neatly into a business card case (just for fun, I can supply one that looks like a "play-scale" miniature briefcase).  You can make up your own vignettes to match your family, or you could put together a set of scenes from your favourite books or movies, or from places you have visited on vacation, or from homes you have lived in over the years.
I can provide accessories or whole scenes to fit  your requirements.
This scene could be personalized with a picture of your own garden and 1/144 versions of your chairs, your dog, even your favourite magazine and coffee cup.
Similar scenes can also be displayed in a pocket watch or pendant, or in a small "human-scale" frame, like the one on the right.
Toys in Miniature: Frances Armstrong
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My husband and son wearing their favourite clothes and enjoying their "toys"-- model trains, stamps, robots, and computers.
At right and in the bottom row are background pictures which could be replaced by your own or your ideal surroundings.
For a couple who have a miniature railroad in their garden.